Revenue Recovery


Everybody make mistakes from time to time, and suppliers are no different


With contracts becoming more complex, errors can often occur which lead to businesses paying an unnecessary increased cost, without even realising. Stadia Utilities will check both past and present invoices to ensure this is not happening to you. This proves to be a very time consuming and difficult exercise when done in-house, Stadia Utilities has a specialist dedicated trading team in place to do this for you. If errors are found the trading team will contact suppliers and provide support in recovering the over-payments made.

Stadia Utilities will also look at opportunities available to you to stop the re-occurrence of this happening. One common method is the installation of Smart Meters or Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology. These meters remotely provide exact meter readings through a communication link to suppliers throughout the day, creating accurate billing and eliminating estimates. The spread of data can also be useful to your business if you want to review usage patterns in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

In the past mistakes have cost businesses millions; do not let this happen to you.

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