Looking to reduce your company’s energy bills? Let’s get started!

Every business wants to save money at the moment, and if you ask us reducing, your energy bills is one of the best ways there is.
The only difference is the financial saving you will make for your business.
We’re a bit like a price comparison company, only more personal. We spend our days researching the Energy marketand watching and forecasting trends. Then
we work with businesses – just like yours – and match them up with the gas and electricity suppliers who could make you some serious savings. And the best bit – it
doesn’t cost you a penny.


Are you sure you’re paying the lowest available price for your businesses energy?

Is your current energy supplier charging you correctly for your gas and electricity?


Stadia Utilities provides all new customers with a FREE energy health check. This is a free, no obligation, report and recommendation which requires no commitment of time or cost from you!

Validation of your current contract against your invoiced costs – Commercial energy pricing is complicated and suppliers DO make mistakes. We will ensure you are repaid any overcharges that have occurred in your current and previous contracts!

Once we’ve confirmed your usage pattern and product requirements, we will use our purchasing power and strong supplier relationships to negotiate you the best possible contract offering from our extensive list of commercial energy suppliers. We will collate and analyse offers and send you a report with a contract recommendation including a detailed comparison against your current energy contract.


Should you take up our recommendation, we will provide ongoing contract management ensuring transfers of supply run smoothly; resolving any billing or contractual issue with the supplier on your behalf.

Cheaper, Cleaner, Greener

Because prices can (and will) go up and down, it’s not as simple as finding a short-term fix. We won’t find you a cheaper energy supplier and then leave you to face whatever surprises may come next, Instead, we’ll be there long term – building a relationship with your company, getting to know your exact requirements and helping you make the right decisions at the right time.
If you’d like to talk about getting a free energy health check of your company’s fuel bills – with a view to making them smaller in the future we’re always happy to
help – just get in touch.

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Q: How much will your services cost me?
A: Our service is free: we will not invoice you for our services.

Q: As a high consumption energy user how much could you save me?
A: Savings can be as high as 25% it all depends on current market rates, the correct advice on when to secure your energy requirements.

Q: Who do we receive our bills from?
A: Depending on the supplier you choose, they will invoice you directly for your energy.

Q: Will we as a business have any choice of suppliers?
A: You will have full control of your choice of supplier. We do what we are best at! Analysing the market and making the specific recommendations on supplier and
rate for your business.

Q: Is your service impartial?
A: Stadia Utilities is completely impartial and work with all suppliers.

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