What We Do

Our business is full of sports enthusiasts and we even have an account manager amongst the ranks who spends his spare time as a football league mascot. We represent football league clubs, sports centres, tennis clubs and golf clubs up and down the country.

Being passionate about local and national sport, we are equally passionate in proving ourselves to be the MVP for our client’s energy management requirements!

Whether you need a supply upgrade, your invoices validated to ensure you’ve been charged correctly or want to know when to sign your next deal, let Stadia Utilities slide you the perfect pass to meet your goal!

Stadia Utilities can find the best suppliers for football clubs with poor credit ratings and have provided annual savings of up to 20% by utilising our market intelligence gained over many years in the industry.

Case Study

Stadia Utilities represents many squash and tennis clubs throughout the UK. Each of these clients were on different rates and had different renewal dates. Stadia Utilities carried out a consolidation exercise for several of these customers in 2011 and 2012.

In 2011, we standardised contract end dates for each of these customers to obtain renewal date alignment in 2012. We then pooled these supplies into a group ‘basket’ deal in 2012. The advantage of this is twofold.

Firstly, only a certain percentage of customer’s credit scores within the ‘basket’ needed to be high. Therefore, any customer whose credit score is lower than average can still take advantage of the very best rates available. Secondly, by grouping these customers together, we created a very large group of supplies whose combined consumption was such that many supplies were very keen to win the business. This economy of scale created a very competitive tendering process and, as a result, we achieved extremely competitive market prices for these customers.

Had we approached the procurement for each of these customers individually we would not have achieved the strong contract prices for each of our customers as we did by creating a ‘basket deal’.

If you’re interested in being part of a basket deal, contact Stadia Utilities to learn more about how we can help you.


“Stadia Utilities has represented our tennis club for energy matters for the past 3 years now. We previously dealt with energy in house and hadn’t considered using a broker. Since using Stadia Utilities, they have been invaluable in dealing with an issue with a faulty electricity meter. Although we knew the meter was not reading correctly, the supplier did very little about this until Stadia Utilities got involved. Stadia Utilities ensured the meter was assessed by the supplier in a very short timescale, was replaced with a new meter at no cost to us and also that we were credited money back for the period when the meter was reading too high. This situation was becoming very frustrating and time consuming until Stadia Utilities involvement. Our account manager at Stadia Utilities also checks our monthly invoices for us and they save us money every time a renewal is due. I would highly recommend their services.” Director, Tennis and Squash Club, West Yorkshire