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In an industry as energy-intensive as manufacturing, the impact of improving energy costs has a massive effect on the bottom line. Reducing consumption, improving your purchasing strategy and cutting costs all help your business to be profitable.

Any manufacturing business can save money by finding the best way to buy energy, with a wider range of purchasing options available than ever before. Fixed electricity and gas buying, as well as flexible contract options are now available and making the right choice can save your business a significant amount of money. With the expertise and over 40 years of combined energy experience at Stadia Utilities, you can be sure we will help you make informed choices about the best approach for your business.

We work closely with several suppliers offering a variety of flexible products. From market trackers for smaller manufacturing operations, to highly flexible and tailored products with sell back options for high intensity, multi-site businesses.

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“We have used Stadia Utilities to secure our energy contracts for 3 years now at both our manufacturing and office sites. We find them to be very pro-active in suggesting the best contracts and the right time to sign. Our Stadia Utilities account manager calls us 6 months before our renewal and offers a strategy of which suppliers are the strongest in the market and when the market conditions will be right to find us the best deal.

I find them very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the energy market. They have resolved every issue with our supplier on our behalf with a minimum of fuss. They are very efficient at dealing with our suppliers and happy to help with any energy-related question from our Lean Manufacturing Manager. We would thoroughly recommend them to any business looking for an energy partner.” Director, National Food Manufacturer