What We Do

In hospitality, there is very little a business can do about the fact that lights, heating and air conditioning must be switched on in order to provide a comfortable and satisfying experience to the customer.

With this in mind, the challenge for all organisations is to ensure they have enough forward cost control with energy markets being so volatile. Stadia Utilities will help you to manage cost changes by providing market insight and intelligence. These necessary overheads need not be a burden on your business whether energy spend represents a significant overhead or a marginal cost. We have the market and supplier intelligence to keep our clients ahead of the game.

Stadia Utilities are experts in dealing with the issues of stringent credit insurance within this sector which can make energy renewal time so frustrating for hoteliers and restaurateurs. We will find you the best solution for your business and the right supplier to deliver the product and service you need.

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Case Study

Stadia Utilities represents a large national hotel group. Energy procurement is fulfilled by the management of each hotel and the group consists of several registered regional offices. Hotels within a particular area had historically used a specific company registration number for that area for credit scoring purposes.

We identified that hotels in certain areas had trouble finding suppliers due to a poor credit rating. This meant that in many cases, hotels were accepting contracts with high unit rates or were being asked to pay security deposits to renew their agreements. We investigated the strength of the credit rating and credit limit of each of the registered entities within the group and formulated a procurement strategy.

By carefully managing the contracts and credit for each hotel against the credit limits of each registration number, we found contracts for all hotels at very competitive rates. By assessing the credit of the entire group and having the in depth knowledge of suppliers’ differing credit processes, we provided a solution that delivered a streamlined procurement process. They also returned an annual energy expenditure saving of 7% thanks to our involvement.


“We have previously had difficulty in finding a supplier that will offer us good rates due to a poor credit rating. Stadia Utilities have proved to be experts at knowing the best suppliers to approach and always manage to find interested suppliers not requiring a deposit. In the past we have had no option but to renew certain contracts with our current energy provider and have paid over the odds as a result. I cannot recommend Stadia Utilities highly enough.” Director, National Hotel Group