What We Do

Within the residential social care sector, the comfort of residents and a healthy, supportive environment is paramount to a successful business. As a result energy consumption in this sector is a major expenditure and it is therefore essential to find the right supplier and the right service for your business.

Stadia Utilities currently supports several independent and groups of care homes in their energy management and procurement. We have become a valued partner for many of these clients at a time when they were simply not getting the value from their annual renewals that they should have been.

When managing the expenditure of a group organisation, these issues are compounded by the fact that the rates and renewal dates of each supply within the group differ. At Stadia, we understand how time consuming and stressful this can be. The commercial energy industry is very complicated with many different charges making up your businesses energy costs. We will consolidate your contracts where possible and have a stringent renewal process giving peace of mind knowing your energy is under control and allowing you to focus on the care of your residents.

Stadia Utilities appreciates the value of long-term relationships and we will always follow our stringent tendering process to give the best possible service to our clients year on year. We pride ourselves on our expertise and the integrity and loyalty of our relationships.

If you’re unsure if you are truly achieving the best energy contacts on the market, contact Stadia Utilities now for peace of mind.

Case Study

A care home group approached us last year regarding their energy contracts and were already using an energy broker. They had used this company for their procurement of energy contracts for several years and had a good relationship with their account manager.

Not being experts in energy and needing to keep a tight rein on expenditure, the group relied on their broker to look after their interests and provide the best procurement strategy possible.

We analysed their renewal offers from their incumbent energy broker for their 17 care homes throughout the UK. Our analysis found that they were paying annual costs that were, on average, 15% higher than the renewal offers that we could secure them through our network of suppliers.

With 40 years of combined industry experience in our account management team, we take great pride in the fact that we will negotiate your business the best contracts available.


“We had never previously realised the difference in costs from one energy supplier to the next and had always renewed our contracts without giving it too much thought. Having used Stadia for the past 2 years, they have significantly reduced our annual energy costs and I find them very trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with. They also check our invoices each month to make sure we are being charged correctly which is very helpful as the invoices are very confusing.” Owner/Director, Residential Care Home Group