What we do

Public sector expenditure has fallen during the on-going recession. Cost cutting measures have been introduced through a wide range of public services and education is one of those areas. With many schools converting to academy status and taking direct control of their finances, achieving savings on energy costs has never been as important as it is today.

Stadia Utilities has helped many schools and colleges do just that by securing them the best possible contracts available in the market for their gas and electricity supplies. We ensure contracts are purchased at optimum market conditions, usually saving thousands of pounds per year in the process. Local authority group procurement can result in complacent procurement and see costs that are higher than necessary as the best contracts in the market are not sought at renewal time.

With cost savings are so essential to ensure mainline services are unaffected, contact the experts at Stadia Utilities for a no obligation consultation.


Case Study

A School that recently converted to academy status asked us to tender their gas and electricity supplies. They were hoping that by leaving the local authority group energy contracts they were previously signed up to that they could achieve lower costs.

After tendering several of their supplies and conducting negotiations with suppliers to achieve the best costs possible, Stadia Utilities managed to secure the academy an overall annual saving of £19,000 or 10% of total energy expenditure. We achieved this saving through the preferential rates we can obtain through the strength of our relationships and also by purchasing at the lowest market price.

In addition, we ensured all contracts had the same end date meaning that when we tender at the next renewal, all electricity supplies can be consolidated into the same contract, resulting in a much simpler process.




“Stadia Utilities exceeded our expectations in what we could achieve in our energy contract renewals. By contacting all suppliers on our behalf and presenting the best options, we have reduced our energy costs by 10% which is so important to us in the current economic climate. They have also helped manage our energy more effectively by converting it into one contract whereas before we had several and it was confusing and time consuming. Thank you Stadia!” Bursar, Academy School