We all know that being more environmentally friendly is enormous right now and there are thousands of websites offering ways to reduce waste but with cost being deciding factor when looking at being eco-friendlier as a business, where can you start without having a substantial up-front cost?

Looking at your recycling habits in your business is a good start if you don’t have a recycling service, only general waste consider adding this to your regular waste service. You can recycle paper, magazines, cardboard, cans and plastic wrapping to name a few. Setting up a separate bin next to your general waste in an office space gives an extra opportunity for employees to recycle.

If you want to encourage staff to be eco-friendlier, you could provide an alternative to plastic straws such as paper or metal or even use pasta tubes such as bucatini to reduce landfill waste. Offer an area where plastic bottles can be deposited so that these can be recycled or get branded reusable bottles for the staff so that if they take them out, they can advertise your business.

There are even ways that you can get paid for your cardboard and paper waste by baling it.

The best thing you can do is explore waste options to look at what savings can be made to increase your profit and help save the environment. At Stadia Utilities, we can make this process easier for you by doing a site audit and confirming the best options for you.

For further information or to book a site audit Call us on 0333 0058 853 to speak to a member of our waste management team or alternatively fill in our contact form by clicking here.

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