Energy Broker or Energy Consultant?

Not all energy brokers are consultants; However, the energy brokers who are also consultants will perform a more detailed analysis of a consumers’ usage pattern to provide a custom rate, which typically results in more cost savings for the consumer. Typically, they do not need any more information than that of an energy broker, because they can pull usage information from the local utility company. Some national energy brokers use auditing teams to verify their client’s invoices.

Energy Consultant

An Energy Consultant helps companies analyse their energy consumption with the goal of reducing their energy costs. Energy consultants offer tailored services to their clients because no two business are the same. They provide a range of energy consulting services and can help your business asses, improve and manage your sites’ energy efficiency and sustainability.
An energy consultant will begin work by conducting an energy audit. Which involves reviewing clients’ previous energy bills to determine how much energy is consumed.
All business energy usage has peaks and troughs throughout the year. Careful analysis of their quarterly bills an energy consultant will be able to highlight when these peaks and troughs occur and address them.
Once an energy audit is completed, an energy consultant will advise the client on reducing energy consumption including eliminating energy loss and negotiating energy tariffs with suppliers. Whilst confident it is getting independent advice
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Energy Broker

Energy brokers help clients in procuring electric or natural gas from energy wholesalers/suppliers. Since electricity and natural gas are commodities, prices change daily with the market. It can be challenging and time consuming for most businesses to obtain price comparisons from a variety of suppliers since prices must be compared on the same day.
Also, the terms of the particular contract offered by the supplier influence the price that is quoted. An energy broker can provide a valuable service if they work with many suppliers and can compile the various prices from suppliers. An essential aspect of this consulting role is to assure that the client understands the differences between the contract offers.
Energy brokers do not own or distribute energy, nor can sell energy directly to you. They merely present the rates of a wholesaler, or supplier.They also typically do not charge upfront fees to provide rates. If a business purchases energy through a broker, the broker’s fee is usually included in the price the client pays. Some brokers will charge a fixed fee for their consulting services.

Stadia Utilities is here to help

Stadia Utilities is both an Energy Broker and Energy Consultant. Our market knowledge and industry experience help us to support businesses in reducing costs, creating stability and managing risk.
From the first point of contact throughout our relationship, we will remain focused and flexible around your business requirements. Identifying your current situation in an initial ‘Health Audit’ will allow us to realise the needs of your business and shape supplier negotiation. Our sales support team will administer your new supply agreement and continue to validate your bills throughout the term, ensuring accuracy. You will also have a dedicated portfolio manager who will guide you through your carbon reduction programme and negotiate future renewals at the appropriate time.


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