Stadia Utilities gas and electricity comparison for domestic energy is:

100% Impartial

Our home domestic energy price comparison to be 100% impartial. This means that within your Personal Projection you can find every single domestic energy tariff available to you.

Whole of the market

We model the entire domestic energy market, Our results show you every tariff actually available to your home. We do not use filters to hide results.

Free to use

You can be assured our services are free for everyone to use. The prices we publish are up to date and are identical across the industry.

Compare domestic energy deals


Q: How much will your services cost me?
A: Our service is free: we will not invoice you for our services.

Q: As a high consumption energy user how much could you save me?
A: Savings can be as high as 25% it all depends on current market rates, the correct advice on when to secure your energy requirements.

Q: Who do we receive our bills from?
A: Depending on the supplier you choose, they will invoice you directly for your energy.

Q: Will we as a business have any choice of suppliers?
A: You will have full control of your choice of supplier. We do what we are best at! Analysing the market and making the specific recommendations on supplier and
rate for your business.

Q: Is your service impartial?
A: Stadia Utilities is completely impartial and work with all suppliers.