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In the next few years the UK will see wholesale changes to the way water is supplied due to deregulation of the Water Industry. Reducing water consumption is imperative for responsible business’ as this has both a cost and environmental impact.

Our team here at Stadia  is dedicated to saving you money on your water bills. Offering a variety of services we have a track record of finding cost reductions and refunds for companies all across the UK throughout a range of industry sectors both private and public.

We recognise the synergy between energy and water and see our Water Management proposal as a natural extension to our core energy business.

We provide a number of services to support our clients with their water management requirements and in addition to cost reduction and savings we can assist with reducing consumption which not only saves money but benefits your carbon footprint.

If you any questions or require quote, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

  • Bill Validation - Our Bill Validation team will undertake the analysis of your bills prior to payment; notifying you of any billing errors and giving you the peace of mind that are only paying for what you actually use.
  • Water Audits - Our Water Audits will examine your previous water invoices with details being checked against existing contract terms and consumption and charging data verified against suitable benchmarks.
  • Tariff Optimisation - Ensuring that your business is on the correct supply tariff needed for your sites and that charges for sewerage, drainage and trade effluent are correctly calculated and billed.
  • Leak Detection & Conservation Strategies - Unexplained excess water usage at your site could be evidence of a leak. We can organise investigation of any anomalies and pinpoint any leaks found having them repaired quickly and efficiently. We also provide consultancy on other ways to reduce your organisation’s water usage.
  • Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater Recycling - We offer consultancy on rainwater harvesting as well as other increasingly important technologies and will project manage any requirement.
  • Water Procurement - rainwaterWater Procurement Switching water suppliers is a water cost reducing strategy which we use to find you the best water prices and is the start of the full water cost reducing process.
  • Scottish Sites - In Scotland, we will work closely with you to devise a water procurement strategy and tender the process on your behalf to ensure you achieve the best rates possible.
  • England Water Deregulation -Deregulation of the water market in England is scheduled for April 2017. This allows non-domestic water users in England to be able to choose who supplies their water for the first time, creating opportunities for you to save on your water costs

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