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The utilities we procure

Stadia Utilities currently procures a variety of  utilitie products to our Sector range. Our cost saving strategies and market experience means we can deliver effective results to your business.

Being passionate about local and national sport, we are equally passionate in proving ourselves to be the MVP for our client’s energy management requirements!

Whether you need a supply upgrade, your invoices validated to ensure you’ve been charged correctly or want to know when to sign your next deal, let Stadia Utilities slide you the perfect pass to meet your goal!

Stadia Utilities can find the best suppliers for football clubs with poor credit ratings and have provided annual savings of up to 20% by utilising our market intelligence gained over many years in the industry.

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Businesses electricity often represents a complex cost that varies year on year. Being one of the most common energy forms used, prices are driven by supply.

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Uncontrollable gas prices due to an increasingly volatile market make the cost of gas unpredictable.

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Choosing Stadia Utilities is the simplest way to arrange for your commercial waste and recycling to be collected on a regular basis.

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In the next few years the UK will see wholesale changes to the way water is supplied due to deregulation of the Water Industry. Reducing water consumption is imperative for responsible business’ as this has both a cost and environmental impact.

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Competition within the Telecoms industry was introduced in Britain in 2006. OFCOM, the industry regulator, allowed third parties to have access to the network, taking away the monopoly supply held by British Telecom.

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