Stadia Group Ireland


Our team of dedicated Ireland experts offer Stadia services in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.


Gas & Electric


Uncontrollable gas prices due to an increasingly volatile market make the cost of gas unpredictable.

Our expert trading team monitors the market daily, meaning market curves and trends can be predicted. With this information in hand, and our expert account manager’s strong relationships with suppliers, we can improve consistency within your business, secure the lowest prices and drive down your costs.


Businesses electricity often represents a complex cost that varies year on year. Being one of the most common energy forms used, prices are driven by supply. The raw cost of electricity has doubled and halved twice in recent years, meaning costly mistakes have been made within many organisations. This inconsistency creates havoc with forward budgeting.

Our expertise and experience in risk management, along with market intelligence enables us to put strategies in place to help minimise the effect of the volatile market. Our trading team monitors market conditions daily and provide a key support to our account managers. With expertise like this, you can trust us to secure you the best price.


Northern Ireland ONLY


We use it every day and yet most of the time we are oblivious to how much we are consuming, how much we are wasting and how much we could be saving on our water bills.

A large number of businesses are paying more than they need to for their water. By carrying out a comprehensive analysis of your water usage and charges we can find ways to lower your water costs by reducing spend and conserving water.

All billing charges are addressed along with leakage and conservation helping you reduce costs and become more water conscious.

We offer our water audit free of charge! Unless we manage to improve your water usage or save you some money you don’t pay a thing So why wouldn’t you have one? Contact us to find out more.