Approaching 30 years’ of experience

We are a forward thinking organisation that procures a range of products to the UK and Ireland.

Our strategy is simple

Built around our market knowledge and industry experience we plan to help and support businesses in reducing costs, creating stability and managing risk

Building a strong customer relationship

From the first point of contact throughout our relationship we will remain focused and flexible around your personal requirements. Identifying your current situation in an initial ‘Health Audit’ will allow us to realise the needs of your business and shape supplier negotiation. We will then analyse the options available and present them to you, should that be in person, via the phone, by e-mail or fax. Whether you live locally or a hundred miles away, your dedicated portfolio manager will remain committed to fulfilling your needs.

Once you are completely satisfied with our recommendation, our sales support team will administer your new supply agreement and continue to validate your bills throughout the term, ensuring accuracy. Your portfolio manager will remain in touch, guide you on our carbon reduction programme and negotiate future renewals at the appropriate time.

At no point will Stadia Utilities invoice you for the work that we do, any commissions that are paid are received directly from suppliers in the form of a rebate at the end of the year, based on the volume of business placed.


The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can drive down your costs!

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